Horse Jumper of Love 'S/T'

On their debut self-titled record, Horse Jumper of Love present nine intensely intimate songs. Combining the slowed the slowed down indie rock of Codeine and Duster with the melancholy gravitas of Mt. Eerie, Horse Jumper’s songwriting is marked by expertly crafted minimalism.

Initially released on cassette by Boston’s Disposable America, ‘Horse Jumper of Love’ is now available on vinyl for the first time ever with the addition of “Orange Peeler,” a bonus track previously not featured on the album.

1. Ugly Brunette
2. July 5th
3. Bagel Breath
4. Spaceman
5. I Want to Paint Horses... And to Have A Horse
7. Sun Poisoning
8. i love you very much forever
9. Orange Peeler (Bonus Track)