An Abundance of Strawberries is out today / Pitchfork review up now

Posted on January 15th, 2016

Julia Brown's dense and incredible LP "An Abundance of Strawberries" is officially out today, after a two year weight for its physical release. Below is a list of stores you'll be able to find the CD/LP at, but not a list of every store you'll be able to find the CD/LP at. If your favorite local store that independent labels doesn't have a copy, please request otherwise.

Pitchfork recently posted a review of "An Abundance of Strawberries."

There are a small handful of package deals left, that include a colored vinyl copy of the LP, and a 12x18 screen print of the cover art. We also have red vinyl copies still available, as well as cassettes with alternate artwork, and CD's. Order by clicking the cover art image above.

Here is a list of store's carrying the release.

Itunes/Apple Music:
JV Store:
Google Play:

Alcione Music Entertainment In
All Media Supply Llc - Ada
Alliance Entertainment Llc Ada
Amazon.Com Inc
Amoeba Music Inc
Applause Music Inc
Baker & Taylor, Inc
Creep Records The Store
Dearborn Music
Dimple Records, Inc.
Disc & Dat, Inc.
Drastic Plastic
E-Music Inc
Exclusive Company Inc
Fork Radio Inc
Grateful Records Inc
Independent Records
Lou'S Records
Luna Music
Millennium Enterprises Inc
Mills Record Company Llc
Mojo Music Md Llc
Moondog Music
Obsession Records
Painted Smiles
Rasputin Records Inc
Record Archive, Inc.
Retrofit Records Llc
Rolling Stone Corp
Rough Trade Shop
Salzer'S Mercantile
Salzer'S Mercantile
Satellite Records Llc
Shake It Records
Shuga Records
Silver Platters Llc
Sound Garden Inc, The
Streetlight Records Ltd
The Groove
Transcontinent Record Sale
United Record Pressing
Vinal Edge Records
Von'S Shops
Waterloo Records
West Canterbury Inc